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It's the 4th Quarter, any goals?

I know Covid-19 robbed us of a year of our life. I mean, how much do you remember of 2020? Personally, not much. But I will never forget watching someone who is supposed to protect us murder a man in front of witnesses. Derek Michael Chauvin, murdered George Floyd and went home that night.

I attended several protests speaking against police brutality as if this was something new. Same ish.....different day. I'm not sure I can yell another chant. I am ready for action.

Oh and lets not forget Ahmaud Arbery and the ridiculous cover up story. Once again people who were sworn to protect us were apart of the cover up.

Breanna ....... Baby girl, we will continue to pray for your family. Breanna Taylor I AM SORRY and numb. :(

I wanted this to be short and sweet but there was nothing sweet about 2020. I don't have the bandwidth to talk about President Trump, the election, the attack on Capital Hill, etc. and how most of America has PTSD because of him.

I didn't mean to depress you. I just wanted to ask about your goals for the upcoming year. 2021 flew by just as fast as 2020 and now we have less than 90 days til 2022.

If you are an employee you should start your own business. Work on your business when you are not working for your employer. There is nothing more liberating than knowing you don't have to work for someone else, you choose too. So think about what people tell you, you're good at and start doing your research. You can do it, I know you can.

Hey, I just wanted to check in on you, I don't have much to give right now, I am exhausted, I had a busy day at the salon. But before I turn in, here's a tip for goal setting, think SMART. I am a big fan of Tony Robbins, he talks about SMART goals often. Here's how he explains it. S M A R T (CLICK ON ANY HYPERLINK TO READ MORE ABOUT SMART goal on Tony Robbins' website.)

-Tony Robbins


Saying you “want to earn more” is too vague. Instead, pick a number for how much money you want to earn. Do you want to start making $150,000 per year, $500,000 or even $1 million?


SMART goal setting involves tracking your progress. If your goal isn’t measurable, you can’t objectively say you’ve achieved it. For example, instead of “learn how to play golf,” your measurable goal might be “reduce my handicap from 25 to 20.” This allows you to see your development. How are you matching up to your goal? Are you on track to succeed?


Setting an achievable goal means choosing an objective that, while it requires you to push yourself, is also attainable. If you pick a goal that you know is outrageous – say you’re currently earning $30,000 and want to earn $5 million next year – you’re most likely going to come up short of your goal.


Extraordinary goals get extraordinary results, so you want to be bold. However, for effective SMART goal setting, you also want to ensure that your goal is realistic. Realistic goals are those that you are willing and able to work toward that can be achieved by improving your current habits. As business guru Jay Abraham reminds us, “You’ve got to know what you’re trying to do, why you’re trying to do it and what your skill sets are.” Your goals aren’t meaningful if they aren’t based in your reality right now.


The final principle in the SMART goals definition is setting a clear time frame in which you can achieve your goal. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to accomplish your goal. Do you think you can start earning your desired salary in six months, one year or two years? Having a clear time frame is essential for checking your progress along the way to reaching your goal.

Right now I have a simple goal, that is to be in bed before 11. lol While that is true, I want to wish you luck while goal setting. No one wants to do it, but it is necessary. It helps guide your focus and it keeps you motivated.

As i said, you have less than 90 day's left in the year. You still have time to hit those goals you set for this year and finish 2021 strong. You also have time to set new goals for the upcoming year.

Good luck,

Tonya Stokes


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